HD video installation
30.5cm x 22cm x 0.7cm

Interface is an ultra-slow video time lapse sequence displayed on an iPad Pro. The direction of the gaze of the portrayed face changes over time and occasionally appears to observe you, the viewer.
5-channel HD video installation
20cm x 80cm x 10cm

The work consists of a selection of mobile phone users individually portrayed on iPhone 4 devices. The performers perpetually tap on their devices while sometimes randomly fading out of visibility.
inkjet prints on paper and aluminium frames
each 208cm x 145cm x 5cm

This work is a series of hyperrealistic photographic portraits depicting people pretending to be using their mobile device.
communication skills
2-channel HD video installation
approx. 160cm x 140cm x 80cm

This piece was inspired by everyday hand gestures fashioned by mobile phone use and represents them as a kind of visual dialogue, or perhaps a new kind of sign language.
new evidence
face laminated inkjet prints on paper
308cm x 252cm x 11cm

This work is based on the 1972 book of photographic work titled 'Evidence' by artists Mike Mandel and Larry Sultan. The 700 images returned by the Google Image Search engine when tasked to match an original input image, taken from the book, were printed then displayed alongside the original input image and a chosen match.
i think i feel
temporary public sculpture
100cm x 100cm x 100cm

This work was a temporary installation featuring a dummy made to look like the artist. The quotes were taken from an anonymous post on