temporary public sculpture
100cm x 100cm x 100cm
I Think I Feel was a temporary installation consisting of a homemade dummy dressed to look like the artist and sandwiched between the walls of a partially transparent one-cubic-metre metal box. The external sides of the box featured two parts of an anonymous internet post I had found on wefeelfine.org, a website that constantly searches the internet for expressions of human emotion. The work was my response to an unexpectedly funny statement I thought encapsulated the contradictions we must face in today’s world. When the work was exhibited in public locations it triggered an array of responses from passers-by, ranging from amusement to downright frustration when the dummy – who was often mistaken for a real person – wouldn’t move. The dummy was deliberately designed to trick people into believing it might be a real person: I wanted to explore what humanity is left when you are reduced to a unit and what happens when you’re not a good fit.