silver gelatin prints
each 10.1cm x 12.7cm
Pinhole Portraits is a collaborative series of images made by participants who were given a pre-loaded homemade pinhole camera then asked to capture something personal, such as an object, a place or a memory. The project focused on the ritual aspect of taking photographs and required the participants to follow step-by-step practical instructions to operate the camera (a simple contraption made of cardboard and set up to produce a single photograph). Purposely low-tech, the project aimed to foster imagination in the participants and enable them to focus on the experience of creating a photographic image without feeling worried about the result. In a bid to push the natural unpredictability of pinhole photography, the camera was designed to capture images at a very wide angle — much wider than most people would normally expect — which produced images that often revealed more context than the participants had intended. I believe this makes them authentic self-portraits.